Monthly Archives: March 2004

Like An Animal Foraging for Food

Send to KindleMonday, March 29, 2004 – You look up at the clock and realize you’ll be lucky to get home in time to see the last few minutes of The O’Reilly Factor. It’s been

Salesman, Fundraiser, Actor, Mystic

Send to KindleThursday, March 25, 2004 – A growing percentage of our business here is rooted in the world of higher education, either helping development officers raise funds or working with alumni associations to grow

A Good Offer Squandered

Send to KindleMonday, March 22, 2004 – Denny, our production artist, has performed yeoman’s duty in helping me prepare for my appearance next week at the 18th Annual New England Meetings Industry Conference and Exposition

The School of “Emo” Copywriting

Send to KindleThursday, March 18, 2004 – In the latest edition of the I-Copywriting Digest, “moderator” Nick Usborne suggested that online marketers are becoming less and less personal online. “Why,” he asked, “are we retreating

The Sleepless Spring Tour

Send to KindleMonday, March 15, 2004 – Howard Dean had the Sleepless Summer Tour. We have the Sleepless Spring Tour. At least, that’s how I’m envisioning — and referring to — the next several months.

Esprit de Corps

Send to KindleWednesday, March 10, 2004 – Included among the list of stops in my career was a brief stint at a dot-com, where it was all about the Web, all the time. We were

True Believers

Send to KindleMonday, March 8, 2004 – The similarities between politics and entrepreneurialism have always intrigued me, so it only makes sense that I found a Howard Dean documentary (True Believers: Life Inside the Dean

Two Crocodiles Intertwined

Send to KindleFriday, March 5, 2004 – The last three days I have had my nose to the grindstone, working at a feverish pace with Sarah and one of our freelancers to put together several

Bob, Mike and George

Send to KindleTuesday, March 2, 2004 – When I had my own business, Cargill Creative, in the early ‘90s, I was a very active member of the New England Direct Marketing Association. I enjoyed the