Monthly Archives: June 2004

The Brilliance to Which We Aspire

Send to KindleTuesday, June 29, 2004 – Thumbing through the latest issue of Rolling Stone magazine last week, an ad for eBay Motors — smack, dab in between the “Correspondence” and “Rock & Roll” sections

The Law of the Name

Send to KindleTuesday, June 22, 2004 – On page 73 of their incredibly insightful book, The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding, celebrated marketing strategists Al Ries and his daughter, Laura Ries, couldn’t be more succinct

Talk about Target Marketing

Send to KindleTuesday, June 15, 2004 – If you’re like me, you own more loyalty cards than you care to admit, but like a good boy scout showing off his merit badges, you don’t hesitate

Those Whom Are Sure to Attract Others

Send to KindleFriday, June 11, 2004 – Some of the best ideas have a way of falling into your lap. For instance, one of our higher education clients is doing something on its Web site

Before I “Break Camp”

Send to KindleTuesday, June 8, 2004 – Before I “break camp” in the evening and call it a day, I’ve always made a habit of going over my to-do list, backwards and forwards. What I’m

Either Then or Never

Send to KindleTuesday, June 1, 2004 — If I were to look back on my career so far, a defining moment in time for me was the summer of 1990, when I decided to fly