Monthly Archives: September 2004

The Yellow Wristband and The Bracelet

The Lance Armstrong Foundation (LAF), a nonprofit organization dedicated to cancer prevention and survivorship, isn’t the only Foundation using something you wear on your wrist to draw attention to its cause. The Until There’s a Cure Foundation

The Raging Bonfire That is the Blogosphere

Adrants made my morning today, referring me to an article written by Pete Blackshaw, chief marketing and customer satisfaction officer of Intelliseek, that, in my mind, adds fuel to the raging bonfire that is the blogosphere. Blackshaw,

Broken Line, Solid Practice

Historically, the prototypical direct response ad has always included an order form, which is invariably surrounded by a broken line. To those who don’t respond by phone or – today – computer, such a plain and unmistakable

Recycling References to Popular Culture

Before you attend your next brainstorm meeting, I have a little homework assignment for you. Watch a few hours of television. Take in a couple of good movies. Listen to some talk radio. Punch up The Lycos

A Big Lesson in Marketing

The success of any advertising or direct marketing campaign depends on a coalescence of elements, not the least of which are the motif of the creative and the timing of the launch. If you can tie those

Cause-Related Marketers and the Runners They Chase

For more than two decades now, I have been running an average of about 20 road races a year, and practically every one of them benefits at least one local or national charitable organization. As an athlete,