Monthly Archives: November 2004

Give Thanks for Bob

Direct marketing copywriter Bob Bly, who was quite critical of blogging in a DM NEWS article he wrote just three weeks ago, launched a new blog today, and the reaction throughout the blogosphere was immediate and considerable.

No Holidays for Nonprofits

The holidays are a time for giving, and for many Americans that means giving not just to their families and friends, but also to support their favorite cause. Whether it’s out of habit, guilt – e.g., when

The Tangled Web We Weave

In case you missed it, well-known copywriter and direct marketing guru Robert Bly weighed in last week in DM NEWS with a rather unfavorable opinion on blogging, and was quickly taken to task by those in the

Sox Congratulatory Ads Swing for the Fence

Red Sox fans had to endure a long, legendary 86 years since the home team last won the World Series, but less than 12 hours after the latest – and perhaps most remarkable – postseason chapter in