Monthly Archives: November 2004

Give Thanks for Bob

Direct marketing copywriter Bob Bly, who was quite critical of blogging in a DM NEWS article he wrote just three weeks ago, launched a new blog today, and the reaction throughout the blogosphere was immediate and considerable. (No, I’m not

No Holidays for Nonprofits

The holidays are a time for giving, and for many Americans that means giving not just to their families and friends, but also to support their favorite cause. Whether it’s out of habit, guilt – e.g., when we stop and

The Tangled Web We Weave

In case you missed it, well-known copywriter and direct marketing guru Robert Bly weighed in last week in DM NEWS with a rather unfavorable opinion on blogging, and was quickly taken to task by those in the blogosphere. Steve Hall,

Sox Congratulatory Ads Swing for the Fence

Red Sox fans had to endure a long, legendary 86 years since the home team last won the World Series, but less than 12 hours after the latest – and perhaps most remarkable – postseason chapter in Major League Baseball