Monthly Archives: December 2004

This is the Time to Demonstrate our Philanthropy

If I’m only going to post once this week, there’s no way I can’t write about the dreadfully fierce tsunami that mercilessly struck and ravaged southern Asia the day after Christmas. This was, after all, a disaster

Why Advertising, Marketing and PR Pros Should Blog (Part Three)

7. Blogs are Enjoyable. There are many sound business reasons to blog, but let’s not forget how much of a pleasure they are for both author and audience. Seriously, the fun factor should not be underestimated. Most

Why Advertising, Marketing and PR Pros Should Blog (Part Two)

4. Blogs are Immediate. A blog makes it possible for the everyday communications professional to distribute newsworthy, thematic content to a large, like-minded audience – without many, if any, layers of approval – almost instantaneously. If timeliness

Why Advertising, Marketing and PR Pros Should Blog (Part One)

Most advertising, marketing and public relations professionals know a blog when they see one, but when it comes to actually using this relatively new, self-publishing platform, there are still many skeptics and naysayers among us. This time

Good Juice, Good Guys, Good PR

Everybody knows the story of The Juice Guys, Tom Scott and Tom First, who started their company, Nantucket Nectars, by selling juice from a boat off the island of Nantucket, Massachusetts over ten years ago. They were