Monthly Archives: March 2005

A Smorgasbord of Boston Restaurant Ads

Before I got married, like most 20- and 30-somethings, I did my fair share of wining and dining and painting the town red. It was fun while it lasted. Today, with a home in the suburbs and

Marketing Miscellany III

If you haven’t gotten around to it yet, don’t hesitate any longer to pick up a copy of The New Marketing Conversation: Creating and Strengthening Relationships Between Buyers and Sellers. Written by Donna Baier-Stein and Alexandra MacAaron,

Humor in Advertising: Two Funny Case Studies

People “do stupid things” and “don’t always use common sense,” according to two different ads – for Vonage and UnitedHealthcare respectively – that appeared in the latest edition (March 11-13, 2005) of USA WEEKEND, the Sunday newspaper

The Celtics Are Winning on the Court — and in the Marketing Arena as Well

Believe it or not, the Boston Celtics are looking more and more like a team that will not only make the NBA playoffs this year, but one that could legitimately contend for the Eastern Conference championship. Of

A Blog Would Probably Work Wonders for JWT

Kudos to JWT for re-launching itself just a couple of days ago as a “billion-dollar startup” – it won’t happen overnight, but you can count on a powerful and positive ripple effect throughout the advertising industry. This