Monthly Archives: April 2005

Premiums as Good as Money in the Bank

Send to KindleExperienced direct marketers know that an effective way to optimize their offers is to give away premiums as incentives to buy. Subscribe to this or that magazine and take delivery of a calculator

26 Tales of Triumph, One Winning Campaign

Send to KindleSome 20,000 people ran the Boston Marathon just a few days ago (I was one of them, plodding my way along the legendary, 26.2 mile course – all the way from Hopkinton to

Running the Boston Marathon for Charity: A Personal Fundraising Initiative (Update)

Send to KindleWith only a few days to go before the 109th Boston Marathon, it’s a good time for me to follow up on the four-part, 2,637-word article I posted here in A Fine Kettle

Direct Mail is Alive and Well

Send to KindleDespite all the attention being paid by marketers today to exciting, newfangled online channels and strategies, traditional direct mail is very much alive and well and more effective than ever in reaching individual