Monthly Archives: July 2005

Why Executives Should Blog

Send to KindleMany executives should consider blogging, according to Ted Demopoulos, who’s not only an expert on information security and IT entrepreneurial issues but also a – surprise, surprise – prolific blogger himself. “It [blogging]

The Cure for the Common Headline

Send to KindleIf you were a neighbor of mine, you’d know what I mean when I say my lawn isn’t going to win any beauty contests. It’s so thin, brown and malnourished, it’s embarrassing –

What Pauly Shore May Have Learned from Direct Marketing

Send to KindleI may not be a big Pauly Shore fan, but he scores big points in my book for putting his money where is mouth is and guaranteeing his new TV show, Minding the

Marketing on Martha’s Vineyard

Send to KindleTo know Martha’s Vineyard, an island seven miles off the southeast coast of Massachusetts, is to know The Black Dog logo, which in recent years has come to represent this vacation paradise almost