Monthly Archives: August 2005

AFP Makes a Splash in the Blogosphere

Send to KindleWhy simply dip a toe in the water when you can make a big splash? I’m guessing that’s what the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) had in mind when it recently begun publishing

Blog is Not a Pretty Word

Send to KindleWhile we can safely say that business blogs have not only arrived, they’re here to stay, that doesn’t mean there are still not a number of good reasons why someone might not want

Donald Trump Has a New Blog

Send to KindleThe blog has come a long way in just the last year alone, but with Donald Trump now waxing eloquently in the blogosphere, a good argument could be made that this revolutionary self-publishing

In Defense of Rubber Wristbands as a Fundraising Tool

Send to KindleIn the latest issue of Details magazine (June/July 2005, p. 99), columnist Jonathan Sabin plays the devil’s advocate and argues that rubber wristbands – such as those ubiquitous yellow ones that have helped