How to Help the Victims of the Hurricane Katrina Disaster

Survivors of Hurricane Katrina are being evacuated away from the devastated Gulf Coast and food, water and thousands of National Guard troops have finally arrived on the scene, but a complete recovery from this disaster is going to take months, if not years, and an unprecedented outpouring of benevolence.

Yes, we Americans are going to have to give more than we ever have before to help our brothers and sisters in Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi and the surrounding area get back on their own feet.

In the next few weeks alone, we’ll likely part with more of our charitable dollars than we ever have before towards one single cause.

And, as a result, those nonprofit organizations that are not related to the hurricane relief efforts could very well see a decrease in their own fundraising efforts during this period of time. (But they’ll make up for it in the long run.)

Right now all hearts are with those who were so innocently – and unfortunately – in harm’s way when Hurricane Katrina blew into land.

To help all the victims of what just may be the worst – and most expensive – natural disaster to ever hit the United States, please give generously today.

Here is a list of just some of the organizations that will accept your financial donation and put it to good use towards the Gulf Coast relief efforts:

American Red Cross

America’s Second Harvest

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

Feed the Children

Habitat for Humanity


Network for Good

Noah’s Wish

Save the Children

Salvation Army

The United Way

United Jewish Communities Humanitarian Relief Fund

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