Monthly Archives: November 2005

Labels — They’re Not Just for Nonprofits Anymore

Direct mail marketers rely on a host of techniques to get people to open, read and respond to their communications, but perhaps no other as obvious – and effective – as the practice of giving away something

Michael Gilbert on Nonprofits and Weblogs

In a brilliant, new article on Nonprofits and Weblogs appearing recently in Nonprofit Online News, Michael Gilbert covers the gamut, from how long he’s been blogging (“longer than anyone else online except for Dave Winer…”), to the

Nonprofit Technology Advice from Deborah Elizabeth Finn

Boston-based Deborah Elizabeth Finn, nonprofit technology consultant and self-proclaimed cyber-yenta, says there are “Ten Things (Just Ten!) That Every Nonprofit Executive Needs to Know About Information Technology” — and she tells you what they are on her

Grey Direct’s Lawrence Kimmel Rallies Direct Marketers

Kudos to Lawrence M. Kimmel, chairman and CEO of Grey Direct, for speaking his mind and rallying the direct marketing troops to stand up and be counted – post haste. “I’m frustrated,” writes Kimmel in the November

The Virtual Handshake

As an inveterate blogger (43,000 words and counting), I’m asked all the time why I blog and what I get out of it. For me, the reasons are countless, not the least of which it’s an easy,

Blogging Workshop in Boston for “Smart Arts Marketers”

Forgive the short notice, but if you’re in Boston on November 9 and can spare the afternoon, there’s a blogging 101 workshop for “smart arts marketers” taking place at The Pilot House on Lewis Wharf. Presented by