Monthly Archives: December 2005

NEDMA Discusses “The Pros — and Pitfalls — of Blogging”

If there’s one thing I enjoy almost as much as blogging, it’s demystifying blogging to those who don’t quite understand – yet – the power of this self-publishing platform, so I can’t tell you how excited I

“A Milestone Year for the Blogosphere,” Says Intelliseek’s Blackshaw

“Love ’em or hate ’em, blogs are the real deal. Even if we deflate the hype and ignore the overly optimistic prognostications of the blog A-list evangelists, we still have an unmistakable, off-the-charts development with huge, ever-evolving

I Believe in “Life After the 30-Second Spot”

I haven’t finished reading it yet, but I’m enjoying Joseph Jaffe’s “Life After the 30-Second Spot” so much that I can’t wait any longer to post about it. After all, I don’t have to read every single

Salvation Army’s Red Kettle Campaign Goes Online

In yet another sign of the new marketing times, the Salvation Army is making it possible for anyone who wants to ring a bell in front of one of its traditional red kettles during the Christmas season

The Word of Mouth Marketing Association Talks Up Its New Site

Practicing what it preaches, The Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA) recently spread the word that it’s launched the very first Web site devoted to teaching marketers how to use ethical word of mouth marketing techniques. Entitled

Children’s Hospital Boston’s “26 Steps” is a Giant Leap in Family Philanthropy

Many nonprofit organizations are concerned about winning over the hearts of a new, younger generation of donors and instilling in them a sense of altruism and benevolence that will last a lifetime. But not all of these