Monthly Archives: January 2006

Running the Boston Marathon for Children’s Hospital Boston — Update

As I first wrote in this space about three months ago, on April 17, I’ll be pounding the pavement once again from Hopkinton to Boston, determinedly putting one foot in front of another for more than 26

A “Star-Spangled” Testimonial for Word of Mouth Marketing

If you live and breathe marketing so much that you make time to read about it here and elsewhere throughout the blogosphere, chances are you already know a thing or two about referral marketing. It’s the idea

The New England Direct Marketing Association’s Brave New Conference Blog

I’m pleased to announce that the New England Direct Marketing Association has just launched a blog to help promote its upcoming conference, NEDMA ’06, It’s a Brave New World. And, in addition to my position as co-chair

The Ding Heard ‘Round the Marketing World

It’s not the first branded desktop application to be used for marketing purposes, but it has certainly struck a chord with consumers and marketers alike. DING, a simple, little desktop application used by Southwest Airlines to stimulate

“Reverse Hunger Strike” Undertaken by Publicity-Starved Ad Exec

Robert Rosenthal, an award-winning advertising executive, and founder of the direct marketing agency Mothers of Invention (formerly known as Passaic Parc), is undertaking a reverse hunger strike to call attention to serious problems that exist in the

Newport’s John Pannell: “Ask for a Test Package, Not a Proposal”

In the November/December 2005 issue of NEDMA News, John Pannell, Founder and President of Newport Creative Communications (which, in the spirit of full disclosure, is the agency for which I work), questions the traditional client-agency RFP process.