A Career Imperative at the Crossroads of Change

If you know of an organization that’s looking for an experienced direct marketer and enthusiastic, entrepreneurial creative director, copywriter, blogger and public speaker, I know of someone who fits the bill.


Yes, I’m here to tell you that even though my employment with one company has just recently come to an end, I have no intention whatsoever of letting even a few blades of grass grow like a contagion under my feet.

Given such urgency and resolve, I have already touched base with my network of friends and colleagues in the terrestrial world, letting them know of my availability and desire to land a new full-time job – or contract assignment – as soon as possible.

And, of course, I’ve been wading my way through Monster, Talent Zoo and Craigslist on a regular basis.

So now it’s time for me to put the word out in the blogosphere.

I’ve been blessed to have worked with some great people at some stellar organizations in the past, but I’m hopeful that the next step in my career will be to an even higher rung on the proverbial corporate ladder.

Wherever I land, I hope it’s a place that recognizes the need to leverage the effectiveness of traditional, time-tested marketing principles with the power of the latest new conversational media tools, consequently embracing a sense of both immediacy and transparency, two of the most important hallmarks of successful brand communications campaigns today.

Wherever I land, I hope it’s a place teeming with brilliant creative minds and bold, farsighted agents of change who can at least relate to such groundbreaking business tomes as “The Cluetrain Manifesto,” “The Tipping Point,” “The Virtual Handshake” and “Life After the 30-Second Spot,” not to mention the thought leadership of luminaries the likes of Seth Godin, Tom Peters, Steve Rubel and Amy Gahran.

In exchange for such synergy and simpatico, I vow to give my next employer every last ounce of my whole professional being.

I vow to wield my skills in the areas of creative direction, communications and strategic consulting to help lead this organization through the minefields of change and into the promised land of new marketing nirvana, where it can be gleefully at one with its employees, partners and constituents alike.

This, as I stand at the crossroads of change in an industry that has been surprisingly slow to adapt and adopt, is my career imperative, my own personal brand mantra, my clarion call to any potential employer who will listen and accede to my dream of a new and even better way of doing my work.

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5 Responses to A Career Imperative at the Crossroads of Change

  1. David Burn says:

    Wow! Good luck, Bob.

    I love it when we shoot for the stars. Anyone can make money or gain another feel good job title. But real change takes heart and balls. I’ll be interested to see where yours take you.

  2. Amy Gahran says:

    Good luck Bob. I applaud your initiative. thanks for mentioning me in such esteemed company, I’m flattered 🙂

    – Amy Gahran

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  4. Greg Magnus says:


    Great post! I’m a marketing consultant and I often see the eye’s of my prospective clients glaze over when I mention the books you quote – all great reads. If knowledge is power, you shouldn’t have a problem finding a job – you have the knowledge. Finding someone that understands the power behind your knowledge is the challenge in a world where incompetence is rabid.

  5. Scott Allen says:

    Ditto Amy’s comment. To be mentioned in the same breath with some of our role models is very gratifying. Nice to know the book is making an impression — that was certainly our intention.

    Scott Allen
    Coauthor, The Virtual Handshake