Hill Holliday Enters the Blogosphere in a Big Way

A little more than five months ago, I wrote right here about Union Square Ventures, an early stage venture capital firm that had shed its Web site entirely and instead staked a claim in the blogosphere.

That was them. This is Hill Holliday we’re talking about now. Yes, not just one of the best known, but one of the best — period — ad agencies in the country has apparently gone the “all-blog format,” which is how Adrants’ Steve Hall recently characterized HH’s exciting, new Web presence, adding…

The beauty of this approach, what many agencies still need to discover, will catapult Hill Holliday into the “conversation” about advertising. The site will get natural Google love, Technorati love and proliferation throughout the blogosphere’s link-fest, something a static agency site can never achieve. And, most importantly, potential clients will get to know how HH thinks rather than how well they write website copy.

To view the new Hill Holliday Web site, er, I mean blog, click here.


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