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Blog Post on Video: The Three A’s of Social Media Branding

What’s a social media practitioner to do in order to be heard loud and clear above the din of so much online activity? How do you as a marketer or a PR pro or perhaps even an

Blog Post on Video: Five Questions to Ask Yourself about Social Media

Before you decide to dip your toes in social media, take just a few minutes to answer the five questions asked in this short video that I recently recorded (with the help of my wife, Barbara, and two

Who Moved My Customers?

To say that marketing has changed in the last few years would be to put it quite mildly.   Marketing has been rocked, shaken, stirred, knocked for a loop and turned completely upside down not just by

Social Media is a Team Sport, Not a Solo Act

  As someone who spends the better part of his days – and nights, too – either reading about, talking about or working with social media, I can speak from experience when I say that as much

Lance Armstrong, My Wife, the Yellow Wristband and Twitter

Having won the Tour de France a record-breaking seven consecutive times (1999-2005), Lance Edward Armstrong went a long way – literally – toward winning the world over for his athletic prowess once again when he finished third