The Cornerstone of Some of the Best Social Media Programs

CornerstoneGiven all the attention such social media channels as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube have been getting lately, it’s easy to overlook the importance of having a good, old-fashioned blog as the cornerstone of your social media program.

Sure, other social media channels may be sexier (and, frankly, easier to manage), but a blog is typically where your more substantive content lives, where you’re going to earn the most respect for your willingness and ability to share your thoughts with others.

As I wrote here on this blog (“Why Advertising, Marketing and PR Pros Should Blog,” December 2004) nearly five years ago …

A blog is tailor-made for storing and managing your intellectual capital. It’s a centralized repository for experience and expertise, an incredibly easy way to disseminate key, timely information to an audience of readers who are already interested in what you have to offer.

And today, with so many other social media channels at your disposal, a blog can play an even bigger role, serving as fodder for many of your tweets, status updates and comments across the web.

So don’t forget the cornerstone of some of the best social media programs. Don’t forget to blog.

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