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10 Ways to Succeed in Social Media, Part Six

6. Leverage a number of channels. It’s one thing to tweet a few times a week, write a blog post once a month and update your profile on LinkedIn if you happen to land a new job. But

10 Ways to Succeed in Social Media, Part Five

5. Work as a team. While most social media programs have a single champion at the helm, the best among them have a crew to provide support. Never mind the extraordinary demands of the job on almost a

How Agencies Handle Transparency in Social Media

In case you missed it, John Cass and Toby Bloomberg pulled together an exhaustive joint post recently on how agencies, consultants and freelancers handle the notion of transparency when using social media on behalf of their clients. They reached out to dozens

10 Ways to Succeed in Social Media, Part Four

4. Stand for your brand. As much as you need to be yourself in social media, it’s even more important to be a positive, well-suited reflection of the organization you represent. So before you blog, tweet or record that YouTube video, take pause and ask yourself