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10 Ways to Succeed in Social Media, Part Nine

9. Measure the results of your activities. If you’re serious about using social media, not just in it for fun, then you need to measure the results of your online activities so you know where you stand. If

Blog Post on Video: The Importance of Content in Social Media

This “blog post on video” was recorded on March 20, 2010 in my own back yard in Sudbury, MA. It’s the video version of a post I wrote and published on January 27, 2010 called “10 Ways

10 Ways to Succeed in Social Media, Part Eight

8. Educate others more than you promote yourself. A big mistake many organizations make is to use social media the way they use traditional marketing vehicles such as direct mail, email, print and broadcast. Instead of listening

10 Ways to Succeed in Social Media, Part Seven

7. Overcome the social media “dip.” A common mistake made by many business folks is to think that social media will be an instant cure for what ails their traditional marketing activities. And while in many cases it

From the Twitterverse to Twitter In-Person

The following guest post was written by Kristin Dziadul, a recent Graduate of Western New England College who already has her own blog, YouTube channel, Twitter account and a large network of friends in social media, including myself. The