50 Reasons Why I Like Twitter




I joined Twitter on May 8, 2008, a little more than two years ago. And since then I have tweeted 2,680 times – and counting.

For me, logging onto Twitter has become as much a part of my daily routine as checking email and voice mail, meeting with colleagues and clients, listening to the radio, watching TV and reading the newspaper.

It’s where I know I can find answers and antidotes, honesty and humor, news and views, friends and followers.

It’s where I go when I want to listen and learn, chat and connect, inform and inspire, publicize and promote.

It’s where I’m fortunate to have formed so many mutually-beneficial relationships with people I look up to and admire, trust and respect for their knowledge and expertise, generosity and support.

Not only do I think it’s fun to use to Twitter, I fiercely believe in its efficacy as both an interpersonal and mass communications vehicle. In my mind, Twitter has transformative power and unlimited potential.

 Twitter for Blog

Yes, there are countless reasons why I like Twitter. Here are 50…

50 Reasons Why I Like Twitter

1. It’s an excellent way to make new friends.
2. I can count on whom I’m following to provide me with the latest news and information.
3. It allows me to connect with big companies and big shots.
4. On Twitter, I’ve gotten to know people I’ve never met in person such as Ryan Taft, Kat Jaibur, Eric Andersen and Dave Kerpen, among many others.
5. Writing something meaningful in 140 characters or less is an enjoyable challenge.
6. I can share what I know there with over 2,500 followers – and counting.
7. A stream of tweets is a microcosm of life.
8. Using a Twitter profile widget, I can import my latest tweets to my blog (see upper right-hand sidebar).
9. It’s like my own personal soap box whenever I have something on my mind.
10. It’s amusing to participate in such a unique competition for attention.
11. Using bit.ly, I can shorten and share links on Twitter, then track how many times they’re clicked.
12. I can learn a lot about someone or something in a matter of minutes there.
13. On Twitter, I can follow my favorite sports writer, Bill Simmons.
14. It’s a good way to drive traffic back to my blog.
15. On Twitter, I can segment the people and companies I follow by lists (see below).
16. There are many directories (such as WeFollow) and tools (such as Twellow) to help me find and follow more people and companies there.    
17. Whenever I want, I can customize and enhance my Twitter experience using such platforms as TweetDeck and CoTweet.
18. It’s a very good way to get discovered by others.
19. It can lead to new business opportunities.
20. Wherever I am, whatever I’m doing, I can tweet from my BlackBerry using UberTwitter.
21. It’s free — except for the investment of time.
22. It’s always on — 24/7/365.
23. On Twitter, I can sing the praises of my favorite brands.
24. I can get – and give – feedback there on important topics and issues.
25. I can listen to what others have to say on Twitter about almost anything.
26. Most people who tweet believe in keeping it real.
27. The voyeur in me enjoys peeking at whom others are following.
28. Twitter chats, such as Mack Collier’s #blogchat, are really cool.
29. Using FourSquare, I can tell my followers exactly where I am.
30. Using TweetPhoto, I can share photos via Twitter.
31. It’s an easy way to separate the wheat from the chaff.
32. I can follow people and companies I think highly of on Twitter.
33. If and when I want, I can send my tweets to LinkedIn and Facebook.
34. It’s like a telephone, newspaper, TV and radio, all rolled into one.
35. It keeps me current on what’s what and who’s who in the industry in which I earn my livelihood.
36. Hashtags work wonders.
37. I can follow live action — conferences, sporting events, etc. — on Twitter.
38. I find it fascinating to see how often people change their avatars.
39. It’s a powerful branding and thought leadership tool.
40. Using TweetLevel, Twitalyzer, Klout, Twitter Grader, TweetStats, TweetMeme and TwitGraph, I can analyze any Twitter account’s — including my own — activity.  
41. It’s an excellent way to spread the good word about my favorite causes.
42. It’s flattering to be mentioned in a #FollowFriday or #TweepleTuesday tweet.
43. On Twitter, I can follow a diverse array of celebrities like Alyssa Milano, Ellen DeGeneres, Conan O’Brien, Dr. Drew, Tony Hawk, Tony Robbins and Ann Curry.
44. I can also follow one of my heroes, Lance Armstrong.
45. Most people on Twitter are generous and gregarious, fascinating and fun.
46. I can get weather updates and traffic alerts there.
47. I enjoy talking about how to use it in presentations I give at conferences, schools and industry-related events.
48. It’s like one big cocktail party to which everyone is invited.
49. It feels good to get retweeted.
50. I can write about it on my blog (like this).

What about you? Are you using Twitter? If so, why do you like it? In my list above, have I overlooked any of its benefits? Don’t be shy. Let me know what you think about Twitter, its pros and its cons, by leaving a comment here. I’d love to hear from you. Thanks.

P.S. By the way, one of the many reasons I like Twitter so much is that I can place noteworthy people and companies on lists. This makes it easier for me — and anyone who wants to take a look at my lists — to monitor particular segments of influential users at a glance. It also sends a signal to those on my lists that they have my attention. Here are the lists I’ve created so far on Twitter…

Massachusetts Social Media
Massachusetts Marketing
New England Social Media
New England Marketing
Social Media Heroes
All Star Bloggers
Marketing Social Media

Finally, if we’re not already following each other on Twitter, please don’t hesitate to look me up there. My handle is cargillcreative. Thanks again.

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2 Responses to 50 Reasons Why I Like Twitter

  1. Mack Collier says:

    Bob nice list, and thanks for the #blogchat mention!

  2. I think one of my happier experiences on Twitter has been the confluence of writing a blog post (which is about an event), tweeting about the blog post, tweeting about the event as it’s happening, tweeting after th event as a part of thanking people for coming (I also send emails in thanks) and then seeing how the clicking, etc. translated into metrics like visits to the site or guests who attended the event or comments posted on the blog. Twitter, at times, can be a kind of social glue.

    Plus it’s how I keep up with what you’re doing when I’m not reading your blog!