Talking about Social Media in Sudbury, Massachusetts

I’ve created a lot of lists on Twitter, including one for copywriters, another one for New England social media professionals and even one that I call All Star Bloggers. But out of all of these lists, the one that’s been on my mind lately is the list which includes the people and companies (38 and counting) I’ve found on Twitter from my hometown of Sudbury, Massachusetts.

You see, while I really only know personally a handful of these Sudbury-affiliated account-holders, my goal when I created this list was to get to know as many of them as possible. So little by little, I’ve retweeted them and reached out to them, thinking that you never know what might come of this small community within, well, a small community. But it wasn’t until I recently sat down for a cup of coffee with fellow Sudbury resident, Phil Hollows, that an idea I had been bandying about for a while with my neighbors and friends in town actually took root.


I knew Phil from Twitter, but this was actually the first time we had met in person. After chatting for a few minutes about our respective professional backgrounds and families, we quickly agreed to put on a Tweetup in Sudbury, which we hope will bring together business people in town who are interested in discussing — and learning more about — social media.  

What follows is the official “announcement” of this Tweetup (which I can’t tell you how excited I am to be co-hosting)…

You’re Invited to the Sudbury Social Tweetup on Thursday, July 21

Two Sudbury residents, Bob Cargill and Phil Hollows, will be hosting a free Tweetup called “Sudbury Social” on Thursday, July 21, at Bistro 20 at 120 Boston Post Road in Sudbury from 6-8 P.M.

The purpose of this networking event is to bring together business people, marketers and professionals who live or work in the Sudbury area who want to meet others from the community and learn more about such social media communications tools as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and blogs. 

“Both Phil and I thought a Tweetup – which gives people who may have already met one another online, the chance to meet face-to-face, in person – would be a fun way to introduce those in the community who are interested in social media to one another,” says Cargill, a copywriter, creative director and social media consultant.

“We’re looking forward to getting to know others in town who have the same passion for social media as we do,” says Hollows, the CEO of Feedblitz and author of “List Building for Bloggers.”

To register to attend the Sudbury Social Tweetup, go to For more information on the event, please contact either Bob Cargill at or Phil Hollows at If you decide to write about the event online, the hosts ask you to use the hashtag, #SudburySocial.

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