Use Social Media Like Chloe Kim

Use social media like Chloe Kim.

Chloe jumped, twisted, turned, somersaulted and flew her way to a gold medal recently on her snowboard in the women’s halfpipe competition at the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympic Games.

But what caught my attention almost as much as her prowess on a snowboard was the fact that she used Twitter during the competition.

Yup. Chloe somehow found time to tweet between runs about being “hangry” because she hadn’t finished her breakfast sandwich.

Kudos to this snowboarding superstar not just for winning gold, but for showing the world the prevalence, pervasiveness and power of Twitter. Despite the triviality of her tweet, it’s still received over 10,000 RTs and 100,00 likes.

Businesses and brands (personal or corporate), that use social media like Chloe are more likely to endear themselves to their followers and fans.

Be authentic. Be extemporaneous. Be yourself. Be like Chloe Kim.

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