Social Media Isn’t Rocket Science

Social media isn’t rocket science.

Yup. Using LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and the like is easier than you think IF you make it a priority.

But that’s just the problem. Many businesses, organizations, institutions and communities don’t get it. They are still giving short shrift to what they view as an unnecessary, newfangled way of communications. They think social media is a fad or something the cool kids may do, not something they have to make a priority.

Think again.

Employers should be training their employees TODAY how to use social media on behalf of their brands.

Anyone in a leadership position should be immersing themselves NOW in everything to do with these online channels and making sure their constituents are right behind them.

Team members are your advocates. Those in your audience are your ambassadors. All of them can help you build a bigger, better brand.

Lead by example and establish a consistently conspicuous presence on social media before your competition leaves you in the dust.

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