Speaking History

Bob Cargill

A list of Bob Cargill’s public speaking engagements and achievements…

Toastmasters International (1989 — 1994; 1998 — 1999)

• President, Boston West Toastmasters Chapter (1990)
• Area Governor, Toastmasters International (1992)
• 1st Place, Division C Humorous Speech Contest (1992)
• 1st Place, Division C Serious Speech Contest (1991)
• Youth Leadership Award
• Competent Toastmasters Award
• Spoke twice at the Toastmasters District 31 Speech Contest Finals (before an audience of 200+)
• Led several Toastmasters meetings at Concord House of Correction
• Taught seminar on Public Relations at District Conference
• Led Public Speaking seminar at Leadership MetroWest Meeting
• Founded CPS Elocutioners, a new Toastmasters Club, in April of 1998, and served as President until March of 1999

Colleges, Universities and Secondary Schools (on direct marketing, advertising, copywriting and social media)

• Rhode Island College
• Bentley College
• Bryant College
• Curry College (November 22, 2011, “10 Ways to Succeed in Social Media,” Guest Speaker at Nonverbal Communication Class)
• Emerson College
• Northeastern University
• Stonehill College
• Franklin High School
• Framingham High School
• East Boston High School
• Eliot Elementary School, Boston
• National Youth Sports Program, UMass/Boston

New England Direct Marketing Association

• Panelist, Creative Forum, 1992
• Panelist, Annual Conference, 1994
• Speaker, “25 Lessons Learned While Writing Direct Mail,” 18th Annual Paul Butterworth Copywriting Seminar, 1996
• Host, NEDMA Creative Forum, September 1996-June 1998
• Panelist, Annual Conference, 1997
• Speaker, “The 50 Habits of Highly Effective Direct Marketers,” Annual Conference, 1998
• Chair of Annual Conference and Master of Ceremonies of the DM of the Year Luncheon, 1999
• Instructor, “Lessons Learned While Writing Copy,” Annual Conference, 2002
• Panelist, Annual Conference, 2003
• Instructor, Half-Day Educational Session, “The Shoestring Secrets of Well-Heeled Direct Marketers,” September 24, 2003
• Moderator, “The Pros and Pitfalls of Blogging,” January 19, 2006
• Instructor, Half-Day Educational Session, “Social Media Marketing 101,” March 3, 2009
• Instructor, All-Day Workshop, “How to Use a Blog, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Delicious to Build a Better Brand,” May 6, 2009
• Co-Presenter, “10 Surprising Similarities Between Blogging and Direct Marketing,” May 7, 2009
• Instructor, Half-Day Workshop, “How to Kickstart a Social Media Marketing Program,” September 24, 2009
• Instructor, All-Day Workshop, “Understanding Social Media, from Theory to Tactics,” May 12, 2010
• Presenter, “10 Ways to Succeed in Social Media,” May 13, 2010
• Moderator and Presenter, “Social Media Strategies, Shortcuts and Secrets,” May 15, 2013
• Moderator and Presenter, “Tools and Technologies for Social Media Success,” October 1, 2013
• Moderator and Presenter, Direct Marketing Innovations Symposium, “How to Use Social Media to Stand Out in a Crowd,” March 13, 2014
• Moderator and Presenter, “Social Media Strategies, Shortcuts and Secrets,” (“10 Types of Visuals to Boost Your Social Media Engagement”) May 14, 2014
• Instructor, Half-Day Workshop, “Social Media: The Next Steps for You and Your Business, September 18, 2014

The Folio: Show Magazine Industry Conference

• The Folio: Show – New York City
October 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000
Seminar Leader

• The Folio: Show MidWest – Chicago
March 1997, 1999, 2000, 2001
Seminar Leader

• The Folio: Show West – Los Angeles
April 1997, 1998
Seminar Leader

“Direct Mail for the Small Magazine”
“Direct Marketing on a Shoestring”
“50 Creative Techniques and Strategies for your Next Direct Mail Campaign”
“Do-it-Yourself Direct Mail”
“Brainstorm or Bust: The Creative Approach to Direct Mail”
“50 Interactive Marketing Tactics”

Conferences, Trade Association Meetings and Miscellaneous Engagements

• Rotary International (Framingham, Franklin and Natick Chapters)
• Leadership MetroWest, Commencement Night Master of Ceremonies, 1993
• Center for Direct Marketing at Merrimack College (North Andover, MA), Instructor of Advanced Creative Strategies, Spring 1996; October 1997
• The Direct Marketing Educational Foundation’s National Professors’ Institute, Faculty Member, “Creative,” June 1996
• N.E. Women Business Owners Conference, Seminar Leader, October 1996
• MetroWest Chamber of Commerce, Seminar Leader, “The Art and Science of Successful Direct Mail,” November 14, 1996
• Vermont/N.H. Direct Marketing Group, Co-Seminar Leader, “The Art and Science of Successful Direct Mail,” March 20, 1997
• Inc. World, Boston, Seminar Leader, “DM on a Shoestring,” March 1997
• The Executive Forum, Seminar Leader, June 1997
• Association of Area Business Publications Conference, Seminar Leader, “Direct Mail for the Small Publication,” July 1997
• International Society for Optical Engineering, Leader of All-Day Seminar, October 1997
• Maine Tourism Bureau, Seminar Leader, November 1997
• Direct Marketing University, CPS Direct, Inc., Instructor, January 14, 21, 1998; October 28, 1998
• New England Publishers Day, Panelist, March 17, 1998; Moderator, April 5, 2000
• The Greater Providence Business Expo, Seminar Leader, “Direct Marketing for the Creativity Challenged,” March 19, 1998
• Citrix Systems, Inc., Leader of In-House Seminar and Presentation, June, 1998
• Grand Circle Travel, All-Day Seminar Leader, “Direct Marketing Concepts, Copy and Creative,” November 11, 1999; March 30, 2001
• The Advertising Club of Greater Boston, Guest Instructor, November 1999 and 2000
• Collette Tours, In-House Seminar Leader, January 13, 2000
• Bentley College, Instructor, “Principles of Copywriting, Direct Mail to Email,” Spring 2001 and Fall 2001
• America’s Second Harvest Resource Development Conference, Chicago, Instructor, “Lessons Learned in Direct Mail Fundraising,” July 17, 2002
• DMA Washington Nonprofit Conference, Moderator of “Direct Mail Dissection” Roundtable, February 26-27, 2003
• Direct Marketing Fundraisers Association, Speaker, “The Best of Both Worlds: Direct Marketing and the Boston Marathon,” May 14, 2003
• Meeting Professionals International/New England, Presenter, “The Shoestring Secrets of Well-Heeled Direct Marketers,” April 1, 2004
• Public Broadcasting Co-op Conference, Presenter, June 17, 2004
• The Council of Alumni Marketing and Membership Professionals Summer 2004 Conference, Presenter of Two-Minute Infomercial, July 29, 2004
• Maine Destination Day, Speaker, “The Habits of Highly Effective Direct Marketers,” November 19, 2004
• Yellowfin Direct Marketing’s Holiday Party, Co-Presenter, December 2004
• Direct Marketing Fundraisers Association, Speaker, “Why Nonprofits Should Blog,” June 7, 2005
• Leadership MetroWest Graduation Ceremony, Guest Speaker, “Talking the Talk While Walking the Walk: Public Speaking as a Leadership Tool,” June 16, 2005
• VistaPrint, Co-Presenter, “Presentation Skills for the Creative Professional,” June 2008
• Nowspeed Network Meeting, Presenter, “How to Build Your Own Blog and Social Media Marketing Plan,” October 28, 2008
• The New England XPO for Business 2009, Panelist, “Building an Influential Social Network: Understanding and Optimizing Social Media,” May 19, 2009
• The Printing Industries of New England (PINE), Webinar Presenter, “Getting Started in Social Media,” July 30, 2009
• The Creative Club of New Hampshire, Presenter, “The Three A’s of Social Media Branding,” September 22, 2009
• The Community Vitality Summit, Presenter, “How Direct Marketing Skills Can Help You Succeed in Social Media,” September 29, 2009
• CM Access, Guest Speaker, “To Tweet or Not to Tweet,” September 30, 2009
• Vistage International (Fall River), Guest Speaker, “Social Media Marketing,” October 14, 2009
• The Printing Industries of New England, Half-Day Workshop, “Social Media,” October 21, 2009
• Private Client, Half-Day Seminar, “Social Media Marketing/Fundraising,” October 23, 2009
• The Printing Industries of New England, Social Media Webinar Series (“The Principles of Social Media, Blogs, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook”), November 3-December 1, 2009
• Nowspeed-OneSource Webinar, Co-Presenter, “Five Social Media Tools for Your Business,” November 20, 2009
• Nowspeed-OneSource Webinar, Co-Presenter, “How to Develop Social Media Content That Gets Results,” December 16, 2009
• League of N.H. Craftsmen, Educational Series Seminar, “Social Media Marketing and Communications,” March 10, 2010
• Northeastern University, Guest Speaker in a Nonprofit Marketing Class, “Social Media Communications: Facebook and Twitter,” March 17, 2010
• Joseph P. Keefe Technical School Continuing Education Program, Instructor, “Making the Most of Social Media Tools,” March 24, 2010
• Milford Town Library, Presenter, “10 Ways to Succeed in Social Media,” May 25, 2010
• Graph_Comm 10, Presenter, “Understanding Social Media,” June 24, 2010
• Joseph P. Keefe Technical School Continuing Education Program, Instructor, “Understanding Social Media, From Theory to Tactics,” October 19 and 26, 2010
• Arlington (MA) Rotary Club, Guest Speaker, “10 Ways to Succeed in Social Media,” November 30, 2011
• Sudbury Social Tweetup, Presenter, “Five Easy Ways to Use Twitter for Business,” January 26, 2012
• Men’s Breakfast Group of the Original Congregational Church in Wrentham (MA), Guest Speaker, “It’s All about Social Media,” December 1, 2012
• New River Academy (Framingham, MA), Guest Speaker, “Using Social Media to Empower Your Future,” December 17, 2012
• Men’s Breakfast Group of the Original Congregational Church in Wrentham (MA), Guest Speaker, “How to Use Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook,” June 1, 2013
• The Printing Industries of New England, Workshop Instructor, “How to Use Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook,” November 15, 2013
• Marketing/Communications Career Conference at Bentley University, Panelist, Careers in Advertising, March 20, 2014
• New Hampshire Travel Council 38th Annual Governor’s Conference, Presenter, “Social Media Marketing, Organic and Paid,” May 6, 2014
• eLearning University (Tourism Online Learning — Anytime, Anywhere), Webinar Leader, “10 Ways Your Brand Can Stand Out on Twitter,” June 26, 2014
• Digital Wavefront C3 Roundtable Discussion, Guest Speaker on Social Media, September 16, 2014

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