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Running the Boston Marathon for Charity (Yes, Again)

“I’m lucky. You’re lucky. So how can we take some of our good luck and give it to kids fighting cancer?” Okay. So I haven’t written anything here in a long, long time, but that doesn’t mean

A New Marketing Commentator Goes on Hiatus

After more than 26 months and 62,000 words, I’ve decided to give this blog a rest. It may not be the end for A New Marketing Commentator, but it will be at least a short hiatus. Thank

A Memorable Boston Marathon Experience for More Reasons Than One

Thank you once again to those of you who sponsored my participation in the Boston Marathon this year. You helped me raise a personal record total of $3,550 – and counting – for Children’s Hospital Boston. I

Please Sponsor Bob’s Boston Marathon Run for Children’s Hospital Boston

Less than two weeks from now (April 17), I’ll be running yet another Boston Marathon (it’ll be the eighth time I’ve made the same journey, the fifth time for charity), and I can’t tell you how much

Boston Marathon Runner Up for Bid on eBay for Children’s Hospital Boston

If you’ve been reading A New Marketing Commentator over the course of the last few months, you know that in less than five weeks, I’ll be running the Boston Marathon once again for one of the best

Using Direct Mail to Land a New Job

If you’ve ever been between jobs, you know how much of a challenge it is to stand out in a crowd of those who are ambitiously jockeying for the same gig. After all, chances are you’re just

A Career Imperative at the Crossroads of Change

If you know of an organization that’s looking for an experienced direct marketer and enthusiastic, entrepreneurial creative director, copywriter, blogger and public speaker, I know of someone who fits the bill. Moi. Yes, I’m here to tell

Running the Boston Marathon for Children’s Hospital Boston — Update

As I first wrote in this space about three months ago, on April 17, I’ll be pounding the pavement once again from Hopkinton to Boston, determinedly putting one foot in front of another for more than 26

Children’s Hospital Boston’s “26 Steps” is a Giant Leap in Family Philanthropy

Many nonprofit organizations are concerned about winning over the hearts of a new, younger generation of donors and instilling in them a sense of altruism and benevolence that will last a lifetime. But not all of these