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Five Ways to Crush It on Social Media

Send to KindleDespite everything you read and no matter what anyone else tells you, there’s really no secret to success for marketers on social media. Obviously, you can put the odds in your favor if

10 Ways Major League Baseball Teams Win on Social Media

Send to KindleThere may still be a little chill in the air in some parts of the country, but spring has arrived and so has one of the biggest rites of this time of the

How to Use Instagram Stories for Brand Storytelling

Send to KindleNow that social media is such a mainstay in business, those of us in the advertising, marketing and PR industries are realizing just how much time and talent it takes to succeed on

Seven B2B Marketers Rocking It On Social Media

Send to KindleThe difference between B2C social media marketers and those on the B2B side of the fence is like the difference between hard rock and classical music. You might think of the B2C peeps

Five Ways President Trump Takes Advantage of Social Media

Send to KindleI didn’t vote for him last November. There was no way this registered Democrat from the blue state of Massachusetts would check that box. But I have to give him props for his

Five Great Storytellers on Social Media

Send to KindleWhat would we do without social media? Seriously, do you know how little trust consumers have these days in advertising, marketing and PR? Not to be the bearer of bad news, but people

Don’t Think Twice About Doing Video on Social Media

Send to KindleAndy Warhol was right when he said, “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.” On second thought, maybe he was putting it too mildly. The future has arrived, and thanks

10 Mistakes Businesses and Brands Make with Social Media

Send to KindleWith social media reach and engagement rates having dipped so precipitously over the last year or so, paying to play is almost not an option anymore. But what about businesses and brands that

Cats, Dogs, Brands and Social Media

Send to KindleIt was absolutely hilarious, if you ask me. It was just a few weeks ago, on a Tuesday night (October 4). Two men vying for the second highest office in the land, Mike